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Marching orders to the Japanese

Thursday, Dec. 13, 2012 READERS IN COUNCILMarching orders to the Japanese By GREGORY CLARKTokyo The Dec. 2 Timeout feature, “Japan’s whistle-blower supreme speaks out,” misses several points. Former Olympus Corp. chief Michael Woodford is not quite the hero the article portrays. Woodford was brought in to help a company in

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Modern Nation Preserves Outdated Attitudes Key to Japan’s Economic Ills is to Correct Inefficiency of Tertiary Industry – Service

The Japan Times, Monday, January 23, 1978 By GREGORY CLARK Visiting Professor, Sophia University International Division The key to Japan’s economic problems may not be apparent to its leaders or economists. But to the average foreigner who has to live here it should be as obvious as the fact that