china policy
  • Many fear Abe will worsen relations with China.
    I am not so sure. He is a hawk, but an intelligent hawk.
    The last time he was made PM he immediately visited China and tried to improve relations.
    This time he will realise that making up with Beijing could help the economic recovery in Japan to which he is so committed.
  • Agree. Problem is he thinks he is "good at in China relatioinship" so far I can see. We all need to watch out!
  • See what he (Abe) chose the people for his office... two women may be good and easy to express the change of "new" LDP... for China relation, I personally expect to new a new ambassador Mr. Teraki (Teragi /) ..
  • The claim that Abe is lying low on foreign policy till after the mid-year Upper House election could be true.
    But he is clearly doing what he can to get on side with South Korea - an essential if he is to run an anti-China policy. Bye bye Takeshima Day.
    And my hunch is that if Beijing plays its cards right (and I have some confidence in the good sense of the new regime there) by mid year Abe will realise he does not need confrontation there.
  • I really have grave doubts that Abe will take a softer line toward China. And I don't expect the new Abe to be the same old, same old. His first trip abroad this time would be to US to meet with Obama, unlike his first trip abroad last time which was to China. Yes, yes I know it would be impossible for him to make that trip to China given the domestic and political climate. But what could be the objectives of his US visit? Many in Taipei and Beijing think it is partly to determine how far US would go to back Japan in this island dispute. Of course the stated goal is to repair the frayed Japan-US ties...but that may not be the only main course in this Japan-US love-fest banquet.
  • Ivy, I think you are right to some extent. He has now decided to make Vietnam and Thailand as his first overseas visit, and in a sense that is more worrying than the earlier plan for a first visit to the US.

    He is reverting to his old idea of encircling China from the south, particularly via anti-China Vietnam (everyone forgets the fact that he and other US conservatives all went along with the US line that the Vietnam War was really China's war using Vietnam as its lackey).

    But I think he will draw short of an open confrontation with Beijing over Senkakus. A channel of communication will be opened to allow both sides to go back to tana-age (shelving) of the dispute. The key thing is not to post official personnel on the islands. If he does that we will know he wants confrontation.
  • Go to the court is my answer.

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