Demonised North Korea
  • The following is an extract from something I wrote recently, and which may be published in the next few days. I submit it because I like my predictions to be published before they come true:

    Begins: Currently we see the same demonisation process in action over North Korea. And while that regime deserves no sympathy for the way it has impoverished and oppressed its people, most who have met its leaders agree that they talk and act rationally. In 1994 under the threat of imminent US air attack they agreed to end their nascent nuclear program in exchange for a form of US recognition. But the US soon went back on that promise, arguing that the North Korean regime was about to collapse. So North Korea went back to its nuclear preparations, only to be targeted by the US as part of the 'axis of evil' with which the civilized world could have no truck.

    Since then Pyongyang has often pointed to Iraq as an example of what happens to an 'axis of evil' nation without the weapons to defend itself. And it will tell anyone who cares to listen that it is still willing to halt nuclear development if it can gain that once-promised US recognition. It is almost certain that the belligerent noises and bluster we see and hear today are designed to ward off a pre-emptive attack similar to that threatened in 1994. But for our demonists the noises are proof North Korea really is crazy, belligerent, addicted to 'provocations' and deserving to be attacked or at least strongly restrained. They say nothing about the belligerence and provocation that started it all – that US threatened attack in 1994. Pyongyang's calls for talks with the US are simply a plot to make us drop our guard, they tell us. And so on.

    The similarities with China's situation in the early sixties continue. Beijing had been threatened with US nuclear attack three times in the fifties – once in Korea and twice over its efforts to capture offshore islands held by the rival Taiwan regime. With a promise of Soviet help it had set out to develop its own nuclear deterrent, which it achieved in October 1964 just before our Moscow meeting. And fearing a pre-emptive US attack it too had begun to make belligerent noises, including the claim that it could lose hundreds of millions in nuclear war and still survive. Those noises which were then used by the demonists to prove that China really was a crazy, dangerous nation deserving to be attacked.

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