• Here we go again - yet another group that has suffered violent suppression from the people in power are condemned as 'terrorists' if they dare to fight back and cause damage to Western interests in the process.

    In this case the contradiction is even deeper than usual since the people being suppressed are the successors to the FIS movement that in 1992 seem poised to win Algeria's first attempt at democratic elections. The military thugs who intervened then brutally (over 100,000 killed) to deny them their democratic victory are their suppressors today. But do not expect our Western, and Japanese, best and brightest to understand any of that.

    They attacked our people. Therefore they have to be 'terrorists.'

    The Algerian military also happen to sympathise with Assad's efforts to crush 'terrorists' in Syria. Nice people to have as allies against Algerian 'terrorists.'

    But as with freedom fighters in Afghanistan being declared 'terrorists' later, do not expect out Western best and brightest to worry much about those of contradictions. Just stick the terrorist label on anyone opposed to your interests, or simply to a government that you happen to recognise for whatever ungodly reason, and those 'terrorists' are supposed to just curl up and die. Or be exterminated by unleashing military dogs.

    Oh yes, you say, but these 'terorists' tried to destroy a harmless gas project in the Algerian desert. And when the EU set out to destroy a Serbian car factory claiming it had to liberate Kosovo?.

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