senkakus - china position
  • My recent NBR contribution:

    Togo Kazuhiko notes: Abe in crucial occasions in US speech and Diet policy speech stated unequivocally that "the window of dialogue is opened for the Chinese (on Senkaku)" (4) I am afraid Gregory Clark completely misses this crucial point. If the two sides are willing to talk NOTHING prevents them to talk.

    GC. The Chinese position, surely, is that first there has to be a return to the status quo ante - a return to the previous mutually agreed shelving situation which was broken by Tokyo's nationalisation.

    China can only respond to this nationalisation action in one way, which is by sending in ships to challenge the status quo change. To protest this Chinese action by claiming it is a violation of Japan's territorial
    waters assumes the matter has already been decided, in Japan's favour.

    Two Kyodo reports in the Japan Times of June 23 largely confirm China's willingness to seek a return to the former shelving agreement.

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